• Fixed incompatibility with Bazel 7 for the C, C++ and Objective-C rules. #298


  • Breaking change: The preserve_proto_field_names option is no longer set on the Serde plugin by default, as it cannot then be disabled. If you need this option, set if manually with the options attr. #297

  • Disabled Clippy lints in generated code. #296



  • Updated grpc to 1.54.1

  • Updated rules_proto to 5.3.0-21.7

  • Fixed passing extra options to the grpc-gateway plugin. #258

  • Removed header files from runfiles of cpp_grpc_library. #262

  • Added a path conversion from snake_case to dashed-case. #274

  • Fixed missing env var in documentation. #279


  • Added support for NO_PREFIX output mode. #276


  • Updated gRPC to 2.53.0


  • Updated rules_go to 0.39.1


  • Added support for passing data attr to Python library rules. #257


  • Updated rules_ruby to latest


  • Major change: Replaced Rust protobuf and gRPC libraries with Prost and Tonic respectively. See the Rust rules documentation for examples of how this change can be adopted. #265



  • Increased minimum supported Bazel version from 5.0.0 to 5.3.0. #230

  • Added support for param file for excess arguments, which allows for longer commands lines without failure

  • Fixed Windows incompatibility due to test workspace containing quote character in path

  • The proto_compile function is now exported in the public defs.bzl for use in external rules

  • Added static release assets generation, which will change the format of the download URL to use in your WORKSPACE. See the sample installation docs for the new URL


  • Updated to 1.0.0


  • WORKSPACE update needed: Renamed grpc-gateway repository name from grpc_ecosystem_grpc_gateway to com_github_grpc_ecosystem_grpc_gateway_v2, to match the naming used by Gazelle. You may need to update your WORKSPACE file to use the new name


  • Fixed expected naming of output files for proto files containing numbers in file name. #253



  • Updated protobuf to 21.10

  • Updated grpc to 1.51.0

  • Updated rules_proto to 5.3.0-21.5

  • Updated bazel_skylib to 1.3.0

  • Added support for paths to proto files that contain spaces or other special characters

  • Added forwarding of all standard Bazel rule attributes for library macros

  • Added support for providing plugin-specific environment variables


  • Updated Buf plugins to v1.9.0


  • WORKSPACE update needed: The upb version is now sourced from gRPC dependencies to prevent version skew in mixed C and C++ workspaces. See the example workspaces for the new template


  • Updated gRPC to 2.50.0


  • Updated to 1.28.1

  • Updated rules_go to 0.36.0

  • Updated to 0.9.0


  • Updated grpc-gateway to 2.14.0


  • Added support for M1 builds of grpc-web

  • Updated grpc-web to 1.4.2


  • Updated rules_jvm_external to 4.5


  • Updated google-protobuf to 3.21.2

  • Updated @grpc/grpc-js to 1.7.3

  • Updated rules_nodejs to 5.7.1


  • Updated rules_python to 0.15.0

  • Updated grpclib to 0.4.3

  • WORKSPACE update needed: The Python dependencies have moved from pip_install to pip_parse, as advised by rules_python authors. See the example workspaces for the new template, which is only necessary if you are using grpclib

  • Removed subpar dependency


  • Updated google-protobuf to 3.21.9

  • Updated grpc to 1.50.0


  • Updated rules_rust to 0.14.0


  • Update ScalaPB to 0.11.12

  • Updated rules_scala to latest


  • Updated rules_swift to 1.4.0



  • Updated protobuf to 21.5

  • Updated grpc to 1.48.0

  • Updated zlib to 1.2.12

  • Switched default use_built_in_shell_environment to True . #182

  • Bumped minimum Bazel version to 5.0.0

  • Updated bazel_skylib to 1.2.1

  • Added section to the documentation on overriding dependencies

  • Fixed compilation failure when using a mix of plugins that output directories and files


  • Updated Buf plugins to v1.7.0

  • Added support for M1/arm64


  • WORKSPACE update needed: You now need to load grpc_extra_deps in your WORKSPACE file. See the example workspaces for the new template


  • Breaking change: The C# and F# rules have switched from using the deprecated Grpc.Core to the new Grpc.Net.Client and Grpc.AspNetCore

  • Updated gRPC to 2.47.0

  • Updated rules_dotnet to latest

  • Updated FSharp.Core to 6.0.5

  • Updated Protobuf.FSharp to 0.2.0

  • Updated grpc-fsharp to 0.2.0


  • Updated protoc-gen-doc to 1.5.1


  • Updated rules_go to 0.34.0

  • Updated gazelle to 0.26.0

  • Updated protoc-gen-validate to 0.6.7


  • Updated grpc-gateway to 2.11.3


  • Updated grpc-web to 1.3.1


  • Updated rules_nodejs to 5.5.2

  • Moved to protocolbuffers/protobuf-javascript

  • Updated @grpc/grpc-js to 1.6.7

  • WORKSPACE update needed: The build_bazel_rules_nodejs_dependencies rule needs to be added to your WORKSPACE

  • TypeScript support is currently somewhat broken, see here. This is not a change from 4.1.0


  • Fixed expected naming of output files for proto files containing dash in file name. #177

  • WORKSPACE update needed: You now need to load grpc_extra_deps in your WORKSPACE file. See the example workspaces for the new template


  • Updated rules_python to 0.10.2

  • WORKSPACE update needed: You now need to load grpc_extra_deps in your WORKSPACE file. See the example workspaces for the new template


  • Updated rules_rust to 0.9.0


  • Updated rules_scala to latest

  • Updated ScalaPB to 0.11.10


  • Updated rules_swift to 1.1.0



  • Ensured Python dependencies are correctly updated


The 4.1.0 is mostly an incremental update of dependencies. However, users of the Go and grpc-gateway rules should see the note below about a change in WORKSPACE order required to avoid resolving very old versions of dependencies via Gazelle.


  • Updated protobuf to 3.19.1

  • Updated grpc to 1.42.0


  • Updated gRPC to 2.42.0

  • Updated rules_dotnet to latest


  • Updated rules_go to 0.29.0

  • Updated gazelle to 0.24.0. Note that Gazelle has added multiple dependencies in 0.24.0 that conflict with our dependencies and are at quite old versions. If you get an error about SupportPackageIsVersion7, you must swap the order you run gazelle_dependencies() in your WORKSPACE to be after rules_proto_grpc_go_repos. See this issue for further details

  • Updated com_github_envoyproxy_protoc_gen_validate to 0.6.2


  • See above note about Gazelle


  • Updated grpc-web to 1.3.0


  • Updated rules_nodejs to 4.4.6

  • Updated @grpc/grpc-js to 1.4.4


  • Updated rules_python to 0.5.0


  • Updated rules_ruby to 0.6.0


  • Updated rules_rust to latest. Note that new rules_rust commits have moved their rules definitions from /rust/rust.bzl to /rust/defs.bzl, which is now required to be followed by these rules. No backwards compatibility is possible here as the original path has been removed


  • Updated rules_scala to latest

  • Updated ScalaPB to 0.11.6


  • Updated rules_swift to 0.24.0

  • Updated grpc-swift to 1.6.0



  • Fixed plugin label specific values in options attr being ignored


The 4.0.0 release brings a number of key improvements to tidy up rules_proto_grpc, along with updates to all of the main dependencies. For most users, 4.0.0 will be a drop-in replacement to the 3.x.x releases and the updates for each language are shown below. Should you have any issues with the new release, please open a new issue or discussion.

The following changes are considered ‘breaking’, requiring the step to the 4.x.x release cycle:

  • The transitive aspect-based compilation mode using the deps attribute is now completely removed. This mode was deprecated in 3.0.0 and all use of the transitive mode will have shown a warning. If all of your uses of rules_proto_grpc use the protos attribute, 4.0.0 will be no different from 3.x.x. See here for further details. If you have written your own rules for a custom plugin, please see the updated and simplified rule template at Custom Plugins.

  • The //nodejs aliases for the //js rules have been removed. Again, these were deprecated in the 3.x.x cycle and printed a warning when used. If you are still using these aliases, you can simply change your imports to use the //js prefixed rules.

  • The Rust rules have switched gRPC implementation to grpc. In 3.x.x, we used grpc-rs/grpcio, which wraps the C/C++ implementation of gRPC directly. However, the wrapping process was extremely error prone, with updates of either Rust rules or gRPC causing linker failures and significant maintenance burden. Should you still need grpcio crate support, the 3.1.1 release continues to work but may have issues with newer gRPC versions. The replacement grpc crate is self-described as ‘not suitable for production use’ but is more readily supportable by these rules in the short term. In the longer term, support for prost and tonic is also on the roadmap, but is waiting for protoc plugins to be available.

  • When using JavaScript library rules, the require path for generated files no longer includes the <target_name>_pb path segment by default. For the previous behaviour, set legacy_path = True on the library. #107


  • Updated protobuf to 3.18.0

  • Updated grpc to 1.40.0

  • Updated rules_proto to 4.0.0

  • Documentation has moved to Existing links to the old location will continue to work

  • Transitive aspect-based compilation has been removed

  • The output_files attribute of ProtoCompileInfo has changed from a dict of depsets to a single depset. This is generally an internal implementation detail, so is unlikely to affect any rule users.


  • Updated upb to latest


  • Added F# support. #127

  • Updated gRPC to 2.40.0


  • Updated rules_d to latest


  • Updated protoc-gen-doc to 1.5.0

  • Added doc_template_compile to generate output using a custom Go template file.



  • Updated grpc-gateway to 2.6.0


  • Updated grpc-java to 1.40.1


  • Breaking change: The require path for generated files no longer includes the <target_name>_pb path segment by default. For the previous behaviour, set legacy_path = True on the library. #107

  • Added package_name attribute to library rules, which allows customising the package name of the generated library. By default if unspecified, the target name will continue to be used as in previous versions.

  • Updated rules_nodejs to 4.2.0

  • Updated @grpc/grpc-js to 1.3.7

  • Updated grpc-tools to 1.11.2

  • Updated ts-protoc-gen to 0.15.0


  • Updated rules_python to 0.4.0

  • Updated six to 1.16.0


  • Updated rules_ruby to 0.5.2

  • WORKSPACE update needed: The ruby_bundle call in your workspace needs an extra include attribute for grpc to work as expected. Please see the Ruby examples


  • Updated rules_rust to latest

  • Breaking change: Replaced grpcio with grpc. Please see above description for full details on why grpcio is no longer supportable and the long term aim to support prost and tonic

  • Updated protobuf and protobuf-codegen to 2.25.1


  • Updated rules_scala to latest

  • Updated ScalaPB to 0.11.5

  • WORKSPACE update needed: Dependencies are now fetched with maven_install. You will need to update your WORKSPACE to match the current example.


  • Updated rules_swift to 0.23.0

  • Updated grpc-swift to 1.4.1

  • Updated swift-log to 1.4.2

  • Updated swift-nio to 2.32.3

  • Updated swift-nio-extra to 1.10.2

  • Updated swift-nio-http2 to 1.18.3

  • Updated swift-nio-ssl to 2.15.1

  • Updated swift-nio-transport-services to 1.11.3


  • The default mode for TypeScript gRPC compilation has changed to grpc-js. This means imports should now use @grpc/grpc-js instead of grpc #134


Improved documentation is now available at


This update mostly brings fixes to the JavaScript rules, along with new rules for generating Markdown, JSON, HTML or DocBook documentation from .proto files using protoc-gen-doc. Additionally, new buf_proto_lint and buf_proto_breaking rules have been added to support linting .proto files and checking for breaking changes using Buf.


  • Updated protobuf to 3.15.3


  • Added linting and breaking change detection rules using Buf


  • Added documentation rules to generate Markdown, JSON, HTML or DocBook files using protoc-gen-doc


  • Updated grpc-gateway to 2.3.0

  • Fixed issue with mixing .proto files that do and do not contain services #72


  • Updated rules_nodejs to 3.2.1

  • WORKSPACE update needed: The dependencies for JavaScript rules must now be loaded into your local package.json, which defaults to the name @npm. The yarn_install with name js_modules in your WORKSPACE can now also be removed

  • Updated @grpc/grpc-js to 1.2.8

  • Fixed missing DeclarationInfo when using the js_grpc_node_library or js_grpc_web_library rules #113

  • Added a TypeScript test workspace


  • Added the objc_grpc_library experimental rule


  • Updated rules_rust to latest

  • Updated grpcio to 0.8.0

  • Updated protobuf to 2.22.0


This update brings some major improvements to rules_proto_grpc and solves many of the longstanding issues that have been present. However, in doing so there have been some changes that make a major version increment necessary and may require updates to your build files. The updates for each language are explained below and should you have any issues, please open a new issue or discussion.

The most substantial change is that compilation of .proto files into language specific files is no longer transitive. This means that only the direct dependencies of a lang_proto_library will be present within the generated library, rather than every transitive proto message. The justification for this is below, but if you’re just interested in the changes, you can skip down to the next heading.

In previous versions of rules_proto_grpc, the compilation aspect would compile and aggregate all dependent .proto files from any top level target. In hindsight, this was not the correct behaviour and led to many bugs, since you may end up creating a library that contains compiled proto files from a third party, where you should instead be depending on a proper library for that third party’s protos.

Even in a single repo, this may have meant multiple copies of a single compiled proto file being present in a target, if it is depended on via multiple routes. For some languages, such as C++, this breaks the ‘one definition rule’ and produces compilation failures or runtime bugs. For other languages, such as Python, this just meant unnecessary duplicate files in the output binaries.

Therefore, in this release of rules_proto_grpc, there is now a recommedned option to bundle only the direct proto dependencies into the libraries, without including the compiled transitive proto files. This is done by replacing the deps attr on lang_{proto|grpc}_{compile|library} with the protos attr. Since this would be a substantial breaking change to drop at once on a large project, the new behaviour is opt-in in 3.0.0 and the old method continues to work throughout the 3.x.x release cycle. Rules using the previous deps attr will have a warning written to console to signify that your library may be bundling more than expect and should switch attr.

As an additional benefit of this change, we can now support passing arbitrary per-target rules to protoc through the new options attr of the rules, which was a much sought after change that was impossible in the aspect based compilation.

Switching to non-transitive compilation#

In short, replace deps with protos on your targets:

# Old
    name = "routeguide",
    deps = ["//example/proto:routeguide_proto"],

# New
    name = "routeguide",
    protos = ["//example/proto:routeguide_proto"],

In applying the above change, you may discover that you were inheriting dependencies transitively and that your builds now fail. In such cases, you should add a lang_{proto|grpc}_{compile|library} target for those proto files and depend on it explicitly from the relevant top level binaries/libraries.

General Changes#

  • Updated protobuf to 3.15.1

  • Updated gRPC to 1.35.0

  • All rules have new per-target options and extra_protoc_args attributes to control options to protoc #54 #68 #105

  • Updated rules_proto to latest head

  • aspect.bzl and plugin.bzl have merged to a single top level defs.bzl

  • The minimum supported Bazel version is 3.0.0. Some language specific rules may require 4.0.0


  • WORKSPACE update needed: The WORKSPACE imports necessary for Android rules have been updated due to upstream changes in grpc-java. Please see the examples for the latest WORKSPACE template for the Android rules


  • Added experimental rules for C using upb #20


  • Non-transitive mode resolves issue where the same proto may be defined more than once #25

  • Header and source files are now correctly passed to the underlying cc_library rule #40


  • Closure rules have been removed. In practice these have been superceded by the Javascript rules, but if you are an active user of these rules please open a discussion.


  • Updated rules_dotnet to 0.0.7. Note that the new versions of rules_dotnet drop support for .Net Framework and Mono and require use of alternate platforms. Please see the examples for the latest WORKSPACE template for the C# rules

  • Updated Grpc to 2.35.0


  • Updated rules_d to latest


  • Updated rules_go to 0.25.1

  • WORKSPACE update needed: It is now necessary to specify version to go_register_toolchains

  • The plugin used for compiling .proto files for Go has switched to the new #85

  • Updated gazelle to 0.22.3

  • Updated org_golang_x_net to v0.0.0-20210129194117-4acb7895a057

  • Updated org_golang_x_text to 0.3.5

  • Well-known types are now depended on by default

  • Removed support for GoGo rules


  • Updated grpc-gateway to 2.2.0

  • The gateway_swagger_compile rule has been replaced with gateway_openapiv2_compile #93

  • The grpc-gateway rules have move to repo top level, meaning they are no longer under the prefix. To update your use of these rules find and replace @rules_proto_grpc// with @rules_proto_grpc//grpc-gateway


  • The gRPC-Web rules have moved into //js

  • Text mode generation is now supported #59


  • WORKSPACE update needed: The WORKSPACE imports necessary for Java rules have been updated due to upstream changes in grpc-java. Please see the examples for the latest WORKSPACE template for the Java rules


  • The JavaScript rules have moved from @rules_proto_grpc//nodejs to @rules_proto_grpc//js, but the old rules are still aliased to ease transition

  • Updated rules_nodejs to 3.1.0

  • Updated @grpc/grpc-js to 1.2.6

  • Added typescript generation to JS rules


  • Added copt argument pass-through for Obj-C library rules.

  • Header and source files are now correctly passed to the underlying cc_library rule #40


  • Updated rules_python to latest

  • WORKSPACE update needed: py_repositories from rules_python is no longer required


  • The Ruby rules have migrated from yugui/rules_ruby to bazelruby/rules_ruby

  • Changed rules_proto_grpc_gems to rules_proto_grpc_bundle

  • WORKSPACE update needed: The above changes requiresupdates to your WORKSPACE, please see the examples for the latest WORKSPACE template for the Ruby rules

  • Open issue: The grpc gem may not be loadable in generated Ruby libraries, please see this issue


  • WORKSPACE update needed: The upstream repo io_bazel_rules_rust has been renamed to rules_rust. The rust_workspace rule is also no longer required

  • Updated rules_rust to latest

  • Updated grpcio to 0.7.1

  • Updated protobuf to 2.20.0


  • Update rules_scala to latest #108

  • WORKSPACE update needed: The scala_config rule from rules_scala is now required in your WORKSPACE


  • Updated rules_swift to 0.18.0

  • Updated grpc-swift to 1.0.0

  • Visibility of generated types is now configurable with options #111


Thanks to everyone who has contributed issues and patches for this release.



  • Updated protobuf to 3.13.0

  • Updated grpc to 1.32.0

  • WORKSPACE update needed: These rules now depend on rules_proto, which must be added to your WORKSPACE file

  • Dropped support for the deprecated transitivity attribute on proto_plugin. The exclusions attribute is the supported way of achieving this

  • The output_dirs attribute of ProtoCompileInfo is now a depset, meaning directories will be deduplicated

  • Removed the deps.bzl files that have been deprecated since version 1.0.0

  • Tags are now propagated correctly on library rules


  • WORKSPACE update needed: The Guava dependency is no longer needed


  • Updated rules_dotnet to latest master

  • Updated Google.Protobuf to 3.13.0

  • Updated Grpc to 2.32.0

  • WORKSPACE update needed: There have been substantial changes to the required WORKSPACE rules for C#. Please see the C# language page


  • Updated rules_closure to 0.11.0


  • Updated rules_d to latest master

  • Updated protobuf-d to 0.6.2


  • Updated grpc-gateway to 1.15.0

gRPC Web#

  • Updated gRPC Web to 1.2.1


  • Updated rules_go to 0.24.3

  • Updated bazel-gazelle to 0.21.1

  • Updated org_golang_x_net to v0.0.0-20200930145003-4acb6c075d10

  • Updated org_golang_x_text to 0.3.3


  • WORKSPACE update needed: The Guava dependency is no longer needed


  • Updated rules_nodejs to 2.2.0

  • WORKSPACE update needed: The defs.bzl file in rules_nodejs has moved to index.bzl

  • WORKSPACE update needed: Running yarn_install() is needed in more cases

  • WORKSPACE update needed: Running grpc_deps() is no longer necessary for just the NodeJS rules

  • Moved from grpc to @grpc/grpc-js package

  • Library rules have been enabled and now return js_library rather than npm_package


  • Dropped Python 2 support

  • Updated rules_python to latest master

  • Updated grpclib to 0.4.1

  • Moved to using grpcio library directly from the local grpc repository.

  • Pinned dependency versions in requirements.txt using pip-compile

  • WORKSPACE update needed: The method for loading Pip dependencies has changed. Please see the Python language page.

  • WORKSPACE update needed: Using the Pip dependencies is now only necessary if you are using the grpclib rules


  • Updated rules_rust to latest master

  • Updated protobuf crate to 2.17.0

  • Updated grpcio crate to 0.6.0

  • WORKSPACE update needed: The setup for rules_rust has changed in the newer version. Please see the Rust language page.

  • WORKSPACE update needed: The grpc_deps() rule is now needed for Rust


  • Updated rules_scala to latest master

  • ScalaPB is now pulled from rules_scala, which uses 0.9.7

  • WORKSPACE update needed: The scala_proto_repositories() rule is now needed


  • Updated rules_swift to 0.15.0

  • Updated grpc-swift to 0.11.0

  • Moved the Swift library rules to be internal to this repo


Android / Closure / Java / Scala#

  • Fixed loading of com_google_errorprone_error_prone_annotations

  • Replaced Maven HTTP URLs with HTTPS URLs

  • Updated grpc-java, rules_closure and rules_scala to include Maven HTTPS fix



  • Fix support for plugins that use output_directory and produce no output files: #39

  • Misc typo fixes and tidying



  • Bazel 1.0+ is now supported

  • The rules_proto_grpc_repos() WORKSPACE rule has been added and is recommended to be used

  • Protobuf has been updated to 3.11.0

  • gRPC has been updated to 1.25.0

  • All other dependencies have been updated where available

  • The Bazel version is now checked for compatibility

  • Added more test workspaces

  • Removed tests that use proto_source_root

  • Added fix for duplicate proto files when using import_prefix


  • The required WORKSPACE rules has been updated for all Closure-based rules, please check the documentation for the current recommended set

Go / GoGo / grpc-gateway#

  • The required WORKSPACE rules has been updated for all Go-based rules, please check the documentation for the current recommended set


  • Support for gRPC.js has been removed


  • The way dependencies are pulled in has changed from using rules_pip to the standard rules_python. Please check the documentation for the new WORKSPACE rules required and remove the old ones


  • Scala gRPC rules are currently not working fully. Due to delays in publishing support for Bazel 1.0, this support has been pushed back to 1.1.0

  • The required WORKSPACE rules has been updated for all Scala rules, please check the documentation for the current recommended set



  • Tests generated by the routeguide test matrix now correctly us the client/server executables


  • Well-known proto files are excluded from generation in the Ruby plugins

  • The naming of the Ruby gems workspace has changed to remove the ‘routeguide’ prefix

  • Ruby client/server is now included in the non-manual test matrix


Initial release of rules_proto_grpc. For changes from predecessor rules_proto, please see